In an age where everything we want is at our fingertips (literally with my new iPhone 6s) and where thoughts of being mindful, present in our relationships and being thoughtful are leading the way into 2016, I ruminate – How thoughtful are we when it comes to making our choices? How are we influenced?

What factors influence us? What is most important to us?

I implore everyone to consider the power of choice that each of us has when making any important decisions. It causes me pause to read all of the checklists, options and ways of choosing a selection process for one of the most significant purchases in our lifetime. Do we think this is important enough to find an expert?  Is our “friend” the best person or is it an “easy” choice or maybe a “comfortable” choice. Maybe it is the choice we always make (I am guilty of this habit). I ask you to consider the technology, strategy, negotiation and network it will entail to meet your goals. What life experience do you think would be beneficial? Along with healthcare (provided by licensed specialists), your shelter/home is your greatest need.

I am certainly not comparing Real Estate Agents to Physicians, but rather thinking through a decision making process. My doctor is certainly not my friend (he routinely wants to discuss my weight and talk about my age!). I chose him because a trusted friend who is a physician chooses him, he is board certified and he is an active educator at a teaching hospital staying current with the latest technology, outcomes, trends and options to share with me. He is not the most fun person I know but rather he is honest, trustworthy and knowledgeable. All things I find valuable.  That is what is most important to me – what is most important to you?

Technology. In every field it is imperative to not only have access to the technology – one must know how to wisely choose a data source, decipher the data, understand the relevant data and have the savvy and expertise to share data that is relevant and makes sense. The sources abound and multiply exponentially.  It is not as simple as it appears on the websites…consider your area of expertise and how the available technology and data may translate to other areas of expertise.

Choice is defined by as; an act or instance of choosing; selection.

There is also number 2; the right, power, or opportunity to choose.

Then number 3; the person or thing chosen or eligible to be chosen (4-8 are similar).

Number 9; worthy of being chosen; excellent; superior – Aha!

I choose to be thoughtful about being thoughtful. I am mindful about what matters most – staying on top of my industry and skill set so that I continue to be worthy of being chosen by real people to provide excellent and superior outcomes to those who choose me.  So many have chosen me and continue to choose me – I am grateful for every opportunity!